an independent media platform
for music & radio professionals

Mission and goals

smart music space


Facilitate the promotion
of music

Allows music professionals to distribute easily their music to a large network of radios, avoiding repetitive tasks, and with the chance to track the use of it.


Improve the discovery
of music

Helps radio professionals to discover music and to prepare accurate music playlists, by using refined search, tagcloud and filter engines based on advanced music information.


Support a fair distribution
of royalties

Facilitates music & radio professionals to deal with revenue and royalties (radio emission reports), by using standardized music information (metadata) which meet the requirements of the collecting societies.

Target Users

radios, artists & record labels

Music professionals

Any musician, record label and music distributor who wants to distribute their music to our large network of radios at one go and free of charge!
Create an account and send an email to to upgrade.

Radio professionals

Any music editor officially working for a swiss radio station can request a professional access to the platform. Create an account and send an email to to upgrade. 

Music & radio lovers

Create an account and start to follow your favourite radio and discover new music & artists.

Platform features

built on feedbacks from
music & radio professionals

  • Upload function for record labels to facilitate the promotion of music
  • Up/download function for radios to edit the music program
  • Standardized music information for the collecting societies
  • Refined research tools, tagcloud and filter engine to discover new related contents
  • Social functions to connect music and radio professionals
  • Statistics about tracks, labels, releases, playlists, artists, editors, airplays, streams, ratings, uploads and downloads
  • Music tagging machine to add music information of a track, a release, a label and of an artist

A detailed view of features and users rights you can find here